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Peonies - Varieties by Weston Farm. We produce peonies (peony roses) at our farm in southern Tasmania, Australia along with award winning olive oils and fresh farm produce.
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Weston Peonies Varieties

We have 32 varieties of beautiful peonies.
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Adolphe Rousseau Peony Rose

Adolphe Rousseau

Semi double Lactiflora with very large Garnet Red flowers and Dark tinged foliage.

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Avalanche Peony Rose


Double Lactiflora with globe-shaped, blush-white flowers and a slightly pink centre, some petals may be edged with carmine red.

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Baroness Schroeder Peony Rose

Baroness Schroeder

A Double Lactiflora with very large white, globe-shaped flowers, tinted slightly with pale flesh pink.

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Black Cloud Peony Rose

Black Cloud

Double Hybrid with dark red flowers, and striking burgundy foliage.

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Boule de Neige Peony Rose

Boule de Neige

Large semi double flowers, which open to a blush pink, fade to milky white, with a splash of magenta. The outer petals are very large and nicely rounded.

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Bowl of Beauty Peony Rose

Bowl of Beauty

Japanese Lactiflora with a bowl shaped flowers. The outer rose pink petals are quite large, which surround a mass of upright, pale creamy yellow staminodes.

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Buckeye Belle Peony Rose

Buckeye Belle

Unusual semi-double, velvety dark red blooms which have well rounded guard petals are held on sturdy stems.

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Bunker Hill Peony Rose

Bunker Hill

This intense semi double to double rose-pink hybrid has loosely formed, fully fragrant blooms delicately edged in a silvery white.

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Charlies White Peony Rose

Charlies White

A substantial pure white bomb shaped flowers have large guard petals, surrounding a raised mass of smaller petals.

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Coral Charm Peony Rose

Coral Charm

An early-blooming semi double whose deep coral buds open to form glowing chalices of a smooth coral-peach.

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Doreen Peony Rose


Japanese Lactiflora with bright magenta-rose guard petals surrounding a large mass of frilly butter yellow staminodes.

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Dr Alexander Flemming Peony Rose

Dr Alexander Flemming

Semi-double with deep pink flowers, fading slightly towards the edges, opening from fuchsia purple buds.

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Duchesse de Nemours Peony Rose

Duchesse de Nemours

Very old Peony, globe shaped lactiflora with rich creamy white flowers, touched with a hint of yellow to the petal base.

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Edulis Superba Peony Rose

Edulis Superba

Deep Magenta - rose double flowers. Crown shaped flowers with large, nicely rounded guard petals.

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Gardenia Peony Rose


Very beautiful double lactiflora with crown shaped milky white flowers. The crown consists of a mass of white petals, some streaked with pink.

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Henry Bockstoce Peony Rose

Henry Bockstoce

Huge Bright Scarlet red, fully double hybrid with a depressed centre and large falling guard petals.

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Immaculee Peony Rose


Big, bowl-shaped, sumptuous white flowers, above the rich green foliage and strong stems, and has soft scent.

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Inspecteur Lavergne Peony Rose

Inspecteur Lavergne

Double Lactiflora which has globe shaped flowers composed of many small, deep, white rimmed, crimson red petals surrounded by large, crimson red guard petals.

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Jadwiga Peony Rose


Full double deep pink to purple flowers, showing some yellow stamens between petals towards the end of the blooming process.

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Kansas Peony Rose


Distinctive double Lactiflora with deep fuchsia-purple flowers globe shaped flowers.

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Katherine Fonteyn Peony Rose

Katherine Fonteyn

Large, fully-double shell pink blooms on strong, straight stems. A beautiful flower when fully open fades to almost white. A good cut flower.

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Kelway's Glorious Peony Rose

Kelway's Glorious

Considered being one of the best double whites. It has large creamy white flowers and a creamy yellow centre.

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Krinkled White Peony Rose

Krinkled White

Single delicate white lactiflora, the flowers are composed of slightly crinkled milky white petals and a small tuft of golden yellow stamens.

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Madame Calot Peony Rose

Madame Calot

A double soft pale pink at first, opening to a creamy white. Some flowers have a heart of blush pink petals.

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Marie Lemoine Peony Rose

Marie Lemoine

Very Elegant peony has very large, double, globe-shaped flowers. The overall appearance is of a white flower with a strong lemon-yellow tint.

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Monsieur Jules Elie Peony Rose

Monsieur Jules Elie

A very large rose pink, bomb shaped flowers with masses of smaller incurved petals in the centre. The flowers retain there colour in bright sunshine.

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Paula Fay Peony Rose

Paula Fay

Semi double with striking vivid pink flowers. When the flowers first open, the petals are crinkled.

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Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony Rose

Pink Hawaiian Coral

Semi double with rather small coral pink petals, which fade to an antique pink at the edges.

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Red Charm Peony Rose

Red Charm

The best early red and very popular as a cut flower. Double Hybrid with rich deep red ruffled bomb shaped flowers.

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Sarah Bernhardt Peony Rose

Sarah Bernhardt

The fragrant fully double, apple blossom pink flowers, paling on maturity.

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Shirley Temple Peony Rose

Shirley Temple

Soft ice-cream pink buds become blush pink as they fully open and develop into a large, globe shaped fully double creamy white flowers with blush pink outer petals.

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White Wings Peony Rose

White Wings

Single lactiflora with fluted petals surrounding a nice mass of deep yellow stamens with short filaments.

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