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Peonies by Weston Farm. We produce peonies (peony roses) at our farm in southern Tasmania, Australia along with award winning olive oils and fresh farm produce.
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Beautiful sought after flowers

Peonies are an exquisite romantic flower and we have over 30 different varieties, colours and forms, varying from soft voluptuous double pinks, dramatic bright crimson, delicate single whites, antique semi double corals and everything in between.

We always say lilies and roses are for everyday of the year, but what we love about peonies is that they have their own season and won’t change their clocks for anyone, which makes them so special.

Early and late varieties extend our season, but flowering begins generally around the end of October to mid December. Harvesting takes place early in the morning and then they are placed into cool storage immediately to guarantee freshness. Flowers are boxed accordingly to each individual order, and delivered locally, interstate and overseas.

Our Peonies are grown in open fields, prolonging the vase life of the flower. Peonies are romantic and old world, that is what makes them a popular choice for weddings and special occasions.

Beautiful sought after flowers
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